Lyd Havens (Of Form, Similes, and Saints)


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Read: Lyd Havens' poem "I only mis-gender myself when Fleetwood Mac comes on" (flypaper lit), which they read on Episode 11

Lyd Havens is a reader and writer currently living in Boise, Idaho. Their work has previously been published in Ploughshares, The Shallow Ends, Tinderbox Poetry Journal, and Foglifter, among others. They are the author of the chapbook I Gave Birth to All the Ghosts Here (Nostrovia! Press, 2018), the winner of the 2018 ellipsis… Poetry Prize, a finalist for the 2019 Brett Elizabeth Jenkins Poetry Prize, and a three-time Pushcart Prize nominee. Their chapbook Chokecherry was published by Game Over Books in May 2021.

Purchase: Lyd Havens' Chokecherry(Game Over Books, 2021).

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