OFI: 1214: Replay: Why You Need To Start Using Social Media


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Today's podcast is a replay of an earlier show I did on why social media is important, especially if you own or manage a business. Whether you don't have social media accounts, are new to the world of social media, or need some further insight, be sure to tune into today's podcast.

Original Show Notes:

For years I have been jealous of those of you who never opened a social media account. By the time I developed that opinion I was well invested in social media for my business, and there was no changing that. Then, I put out an ad for a full-time, podcast producer and started interviewing candidates.

This hiring process has clearly shown me one thing, and that is that all of you who are seeking a certain lifestyle should be posting content on social media. Hang with me on this. I know it can be a toxic environment, but there is a really good reason. I delve deep into this in this episode, and I hope you will join me!

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