OFI 1217: If This Were Professional Sports, This FFA Chapter Would Be Considered A Dynasty | FFA SAE Edition | National Proficiency Winner Rachyl Kitten | Slaton High School FFA


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So, what's in the water in Slaton, Texas? Is it some sort of magical elixir that produces national proficiency and American Star finalists? This is a question that I am pondering more and more.

Today's show features a repeat guest, Rachyl Kitten. Rachyl first appeared on the show just over a year ago on episode #895. The way that I initially found out about Rachyl was that she was a national proficiency finalist in 2020. Well....she is a national proficiency finalist again, this time for 2021! She has great entrepreneurial instincts, a great business, and a great supporting cast at Slaton.

What is incredible about Slaton? Tune into this podcast to find out!

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