OFI 1223: Work Ethic And A Push From An FFA Advisor Leads To A National Proficiency Nomination | FFA SAE Edition | Francisco Rocha | El Centro FFA


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The story of today's guest could be a recruiting poster for the FFA, if the FFA actually needed recruiting posters. I found out about Francisco Rocha because he is a national proficiency finalist this year. However, that is the current version of his story. What is so compelling here is the "rest of the story", to quote Paul Harvey.

Francisco grew up in Heber, California, which is right next to the larger city of El Centro. When he started high school he was placed in an introduction to science class, and this was taught through the agriculture department. The next thing that Francisco knew, he was an FFA member, and he embraced the group. He continued to get more involved, even though he had not grown up on a farm.

In Francisco's junior year of high school, he took a job with his father a produce packing business in El Centro. There, he tagged boxes of produce grown in his area of California as well as produce that had been shipped over from Mexico. After these boxes were tagged they were shipped all over the U.S. to grocery stores and restaurants for human consumption. During this time he was learning about food safety, the supply chain and customer service. At the same time, his FFA advisor encouraged him to make this job his supervised agricultural experience, and he took the advice.

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