OFI 1227: A Revenue Source For Your Farm That Is Right Under Your Feet | John Hansen | Land Trust


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The purpose of this show has always been to help you find ways to create the revenue that you need so that you can sustain you farming or ranching lifestyle. I have always picked entrepreneurship as the way to do that because of the many benefits that come with it such as making good money where few jobs exist and being able to be on your farm when your livestock or crops need you to be there. In today's episode we are profiling another such opportunity that accomplishes both of these goals. I will be speaking with John Hansen, the landowner profitability manager for Land Trust, a business based in Bozeman, Montana. Land Trust thinks of itself as the "airbnb of hunting, fishing and agri-tourism". This service works like Airbnb in that it allows a land owner to sign up and then market their land to potential customers for the purposes the landowner is willing to allow. This could be hunting, fishing, agri-tourism, bird watching or whatever!

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