Ep 16: MTA NYCT No Fare Increase


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Episode 16 topics: superbowl 2021 favorite commercial ads, random funny stories, the status of the MTA NYCT decison and what will happen as far as the fare hikes along with other factors, Chuck Schumer saved the MTA NYCT from a economic tsunami with 4 billion dollars in a new segment of New York Mass Transit Files. If you like to make a donation to support Off The Meatrack Chainz New York Podcast you can go to this link https://anchor.fm/gmoney-stackz/support Here's the link to listen to Off The Meatrack Chainz New York Podcast episodes on the go right here on streaming platforms. Also don't forget to like, subscribe, follow the podcast, comment on the episodes including topics, download your favorite episodes, share the show and streaming services with your friends, plus press the the notification bell to be reminded of the podcast episodes being uploaded, listen, like, rate, spread the word to different age groups such as age 18, 19, 20s, 30, 40s, 50s. https://linktr.ee/Gmoneystackz555 If you have a dream of creating a podcast like myself all you have to do is get the anchor.fm app. Anchor is a hosting site and phone app where it gives you the tools to edit intros, outros, monetize, distribute your podcast to Spotify and other streaming services. That way you can listen to episodes of Off The Meatrack Chainz New York Podcast on the go. It is free and what I like about it is that you get paid for sponsorships and minimum listenership. Go download anchor.fm right now on your tablets, phones including androids, iphones, laptops, and computers so you don't miss out on anything. This episode is powered and sponsored by anchor https://anchor.fm/app Subscribe to the YouTube channel Gmoneystackz555, like, comment on the episodes including topics, thoughts, your feedback matters to us, follow the podcast journey, press the notification bell to be reminded of the show goes on the air live, upcoming livestream episodes, previous recorded episodes being posted on my channel, share the podcast plus streaming services with your friends. Email: Offthemeatrackchainznypodcast@gmail.com https://mail.google.com/mail/mu/mp/658/#co Facebook: @offthemeatrackchainznypodcast https://www.facebook.com/offthemeatrackchainznypodcast Instagram: @in_the_loop_films https://www.instagram.com/in_the_loop_films @concept_to_life https://www.instagram.com/concept_to_life https://www.instagram.com/concept_to_life https://www.instagram.com/gmoneystackz555inqueensny https://www.instagram.com/offthemeatrackchainznypodcast --- Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/gmoney-stackz/support

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