Rae Johnston reflects on the realities of being a woman working in science, gaming and tech.


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In honour of National Reconciliation Week, please enjoy this replay of Alison's honest conversation with proud Wiradjuri woman, mum, award-winning STEM journalist and host, Rae Johnston. It first aired in May 2019.

Compassionate, strong and with an incredible sense of justice, Rae is a modern role model for women everywhere.

In this episode, Rae shares unique and inspiring lessons taken from her humble beginnings — including what it was like to have $5 left each week after paying her bills and feeding her child as a 19 year-old mum, the disappointing and often-complex realities of being a woman working in gaming, tech and science, her reflections on the trauma she experienced as a young model trying to get her start, her advice to employers on how to attract and support Indigenous talent, and how proposing to her husband was less about challenging gender norms and more about deep love and respect.

This conversation is longer than others, but every minute of it is compelling, educational and inspiring.


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