Stephanie Miller and Laura Henshaw open up about their journey from influencers to entrepreneurs.


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Host Alison Rice has an honest conversation with Keep It Cleaner (KIC) co-founders and friends, Stephanie Miller and Laura Henshaw. What started as an ebook and a hobby has since grown into a multi-platform offering spanning recipes, workouts, mindful guides, community events and a podcast.

But how did they do it? Have they had investment? How did they know who to hire? And what advice do they have for anyone with ambition to start a movement? Alison asks it all.

The trio also discuss social media in all its usefulness and complexity, and Alison asks for their opinion on gifting. Is what was once an interesting and organic way for brands to expose their products to new audiences becoming more harmful than helpful?

Steph generously opens up about how she’s feeling five weeks into her new role as Harvey’s mum, and Laura gifts us with invaluable insights about growth, evolution and confidence.


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