Storyteller Jess Molina is pioneering what it means to influence consciously.


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Host Alison Rice has an honest conversation with conscious influencer, storyteller and founder of Loudly Quietly, Jess Molina.

Have you ever wondered how influencers choose projects and for the more conscious creators out there, the vetting process they go through when deciding whether or not to work with a brand? Jess is a guiding light on these topics.

In this honest conversation, Jess shares openly and honestly across a broad range of topics related to fashion, writing, influencing and inclusion —including the day she saw the Jess in her mind reflected back at her in the mirror — financially supporting her family and the subsequent guilt that can come with spending on herself, her advice to people who want to write but are struggling to find their voice, transparency around gifting on Instagram, how she’s navigated pricing herself for influencer projects, moving beyond diversity and inclusion as an initiative and into an ethos, reclaiming the word fat and her advice to anyone who is struggling to develop a loving relationship with their body.

In a reality where influencing has become a viable career path, Jess is the example of the type of influencer we should be following and celebrating.


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