Death by Common Sense


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As the Government abandons clear rules for “common sense” and “personal responsibility”, even Sajid Javid admits we’re entering “uncharted territory”. We find out why Priti Patel’s latest immigration regulations amount to one big xenophobic, mendacious grey area. Our special guest is Sara Gibbs, comedy writer for HIGNFY, Dead Ringers and The Mash Report and author of the memoir of her autism diagnosis Drama Queen. And friend of the podcast Gavin Esler risks his status as a Scot by telling us why he’s been supporting England in the Euros.

  • “What this means for asylum seekers is a decade of life with no safety at all and the constant threat of being returned to the country you fled from.” – Ian Dunt
  • “OK the George Cross for the NHS is a lovely honour, but you can’t pay your bills with honours.” – Sara Gibbs
  • “What the unlocking policy is showing is that the Government are a set of moral delinquents with no capacity for sustained inquiry.” – Ian Dunt
  • “Would any major business decide on a massive move by committing to the date before deciding what it is?” – Gavin Esler

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