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Phil Surkis & Abas Idris return to o.k. land to discuss communication in relationships, at the suggestion of comedian Jackie Keliiaa.

o.k. land is a comedy/conversation/sketch/interview/other show hosted by:

Abas Idris is a comedian, and writer at San Francisco sketch comedy institution, Killing My Lobster. Abas is interested in exploring the nuanced but powerful ways meanings are negotiated between cultural, racial and social differences. Most importantly he puts peanut butter in his oatmeal. Tweet to him at @theabasidris

Phil Surkis is a podcast producer who plays on both sides of the mic. His current slate of shows includes Lady Don't Take No with Alicia Garza, Big Mood Little Mood with Daniel M. Lavery, and ZappaCast - The Official Frank Zappa Podcast. Oh yeah...and o.k. land. Tweet to him at @philsurkis, also,

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