S4 E4: Creating a Sustainable Off-Grid Homestead with (Amber Bradshaw)


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What do you do when the power goes out? For most of us, this is something we never think about and generally take for granted. However, the recent events in Texas and in some other areas of the country have re-enforced my interest in becoming self-sufficient when it comes to electricity. Today I'm thrilled to be joined by Amber Bradshaw. Amber is an author and her family's journey to off-grid living has been featured on the History Channel, Discovery Channel, and the D.I.Y. Network. Join us as Amber describes how she made the transition from city life to the mountains, how they decided on their solar setup, what they had to sacrifice, and how to properly plan for your needs. Amber's story is truly amazing and this episode is a must listen for anyone looking to lessen their energy dependency.

Want to connect with Amber? Head to her website at http://myhomesteadlife.com/ to learn more!

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