S4 E6: The Simple Formula for Planning a Year's Worth of Vegetables


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No matter if you're a new gardener or a seasoned veteran, I can guarantee you've struggled with figuring out how much to actually plant. How do I know? I struggled with this problem for years. No matter how much I searched online, I could never find an actual solution. Even worse, I continued making the same mistakes year-after-year without realizing what was happening. Well, fear not my friends. In usual Jill fashion, I'm coming to today's episode with a plan. Join me as I cover my straightforward equation for determining what to plant in the spring to ensure your family is covered all year long. First, I address the three key questions you must ask yourself before ever putting a single seed in the ground. Next, I dig deep into the equation I created, which includes factoring in your storage capacity. Finally, I provide several resources I've created to help make this garden season even easier for you and your family.

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