S4 E8: How to Use a Greenhouse for Increased Food Security


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While Christian and I had dreamed of building a greenhouse for nearly 10 years, when it came time to plan for it the process was so overwhelming that we gave up. While we were able to eventually finish our green house, it didn't happen until connected with someone who really knew what they were talking about. Today I'm thrilled to be joined by a true expert in the greenhouse space, the one and only Drew Landis.
Drew is the Marketing and IT Director for Greenhouse Megastore and has personally had his hands in over 50 greenhouse builds. In today's episode Drew covers everything including different types of greenhouses, ground coverings, how to best utilize your greenhouse year round, and if you even need a greenhouse in the first place. Drew brings a wealth of experience to cover all of the basics, and we even get into some more advanced topics like using geo-thermal and solar for heating and cooling. Let me tell you my friend, THIS episode is the shortcut I wish I would've had years ago. If you're ready to build a greenhouse, you won't want to miss this!

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