S7 E10: How to Opt-Out of Toxic Mainstream Skincare


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While opting out of chemical laden food seems like a no-brainer for everyone, there's another not-so-obvious industry that effects all of our daily lives. Whether it's hand soaps, lotion, shampoo, or make-up, cosmetics and skincare products carry some of the most toxic chemicals out there. So how do we combat this problem? Today I'm thrilled to be joined by my friend Emily Toups. Emily is the founder of Toups & Co., an organic make up and skin care company based out of Alabama. In this episode, we discuss the chemicals to look out for on labels, tips for removing toxicity and stress in other areas of life, as well as diving into how Emily's been able to create a viable business in the skincare industry. In addition, we discuss how beef fat can be a secret weapon in your skin care arsenal!

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Toups & Co. Organics: http://toupsandco.com/

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