The Fifth Element – ep 83 – 1997


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Leeloo Dallas Multipass! Pack your bags for Fhloston Paradise and get ready for "The Fifth Element," a very weird, very French science-fiction adventure. It's endlessly re-watchable, thanks to its constantly evolving plot, strange side characters and Gary Oldman having an intense telephone conversation with a giant evil blob. Oh, did we mention his hair? And the "Texas" accent? Milla Jovovich rightfully became a star after "The Fifth Element," playing the titular not-stone regarded by every other character in the movie as a "perfect" being. She quickly becomes a badass too, which softens the movie's near-constant Leeloo body ogling. Hey, at least us pre-teens in the 90s appreciated it. Bruce Willis is doing his 90s Bruce Willis thing as Corbin Dallas, a wisecracking soldier-turned-flying cab driver who is kinda annoyed by this "save the world" business. Meanwhile, Chris Tucker plays Ruby Rhod, the loudest loudmouth radio DJ in the universe, and just when you think his antics are going to ruin the movie... BOOM, he flat out steals it, even from an equally peacocking Oldman. Old Millennials Remember The Fifth Element podcast Hosts Tyler and Angela discuss the gender dynamics of "The Fifth Element," the film' charming tonal shifts, the prospect of swiping sets from "Stargate," Multipass antics, all-powerful healing/life creating cryogenic chambers, director Luc Besson's extended commitment to cross-cutting weird action, and Tyler's obsession with a certain robot bartender. "You want some more?" So queue up that hip-hop Opera music, and be careful not to push the self-destruct button on the bottom of your super gun and listen to the Old Millennials discuss a 90s blockbuster favorite. Also discussed in this episode: Greyhound (2020) The Banker (2020) Police Story 2 (1988) Cursed (2020 TV series) Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets (2017)

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