Bonus Episode: Old Tiny Crimey #31 - Max Hassel & the Sewer Rats


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Friend of the show Jamie joins Scott, Kristy, and Amber to tell them a story of ingenuity and criminal enterprise. You can find more bonus episodes on our Patreon! Sources: Taggert, Edward A., “Beer Baron Max Hassel” Historical Review of Berks County (Summer 1997). “Taxpaids - Non-Scott-Listed US Revenues,” Taggart, Ed “Bootlegger: Max Hassel Billionaire Newsboy” 2003. (GoogleBook) Breweriana Aficionado, “Max Hassel: The Beer Baron of Berks County." Unchartered Lancaster, “To Keep the beer flowing during prohibition One Beer Barron Ran a 3000-foot Suds Filled Hose through The Sewers of Lancaster” June 7, 2020. Reynolds, Patrick Pennsylvania Profiles Volume 10 “The Hidden Beer Hose” 1986. Murse, Tom. Lancaster Online, Underground odyssey: What it's like to slog through a sewer tunnel beneath Lancaster Nov 22, 2002. Lancaster New Era, April 13, 1933 “Clues looked for Here in Hassle Death” The Daily Record, April 13, 1933 “Two Syndicate Heads Found Murdered In Hotel at Elizabeth.” Reading Times, April 15, 1933 “Thousands Crowd Streets and Roads at Hassel Funeral” Intellegencer Journal March 18,1932 “Workman Finds Pipe Line In City Sewers” Lancaster New Era March 18, 1933 “Hassel Gang is Linked to Pipes in Sewers Near Local Brewery” Intellegencer Journal March 30, 1933 “City to Utilize Seized Beer Line to Flush Sewers.” Grobman, Laurie and Didow, Jessica Images of America: Jewish Reading and Berks County, 2011. (GoogleBook)

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