Child Owlet // Debbie Armour - pt 2


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Debbie is back again as we listen through your brilliant takes of Child Owlet, a harrowing tale of a hapless lad’s grisly execution at the hands of the jaded Lady Erskine and Lord Ronald.

If you haven't already, we recommend you go and listen to part one where Debbie introduces the tune to us.

Listen: Part 1 of Child Owlet

/// YOUR TAKES ///

Listen along to the full playlist of takes here.

We’ve had an incredible response, with 20 takes in the playlist. A huge thanks to everyone who submitted a take - this month we’ve got: Kev Pritchard; Julian Hayman; Liz Hassack; POI/Rot In Hell; My First Dog; Vanishing Faces; Joshua Kirch; asymptotes; Richard Toller; Catapholc; Matt Milton; Mr Cat Hair; Sam Gardham; We Are Muffy; Cerys Hafana; Harry Orme; Josie Gaitens & Linus Orri


We’ve set up a group on Facebook for the Old Tunes Fresh Takes community to share ideas, submit tracks for feedback and just generally geek out about trad tunes and music production. We’ve had some great conversations already over the last month, so whether you’re thinking about submitting a take or just want to go deeper between episodes then join us!

Thinking of submitting? Read our quick guide on how to submit your fresh take.

/// COMING UP ///

Next up, we’re chatting with Olugbenga Adelekan (Metronomy/Eku Fantasy) who’s introducing us to Iwe Kiko, a Yoruba song about the agrarian life and the importance of remembering tradition.

Part one comes out next Monday 26 July. If you want to get a headstart, you can find example scores, chords and lyrics here.

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