106. Reversing Cardiovascular Disease


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After eight years working as an invasive cardiologist in a traditional hospital setting in New Jersey, Dr. Abid Husain grew tired of working within the limits of the hospital system. Rather than treating patients after adverse cardiovascular events, he wanted to address the root causes of heart disease and stop it before it started. Dr. Husain stepped away from his position and moved out West, where he spent years seeking out education and training dedicated to heart disease prevention, anti-aging therapies, and functional medicine. In Dr. Boone’s decades of practicing medicine, he has rarely encountered a colleague with such a similar outlook towards medicine and same passion for eradicating heart disease and stroke.

We talk about how to find out the status and health of your heart; ways to prevent heart disease from happening; and how to reverse any potential damage that has been done.

In addition to being a triple board certified physician and an expert in preventive cardiology, Dr. Husain offers expertise in peptide therapy, hormone support, and functional medicine. As we continue to succeed at preventing life altering diseases, the need for regenerative medicine increases. After all, what’s the point in living to 100 if you can’t enjoy it with a strong body and sharp mind? Dr. Husain’s unique skill set allows Boone Heart to expand our offerings while maintaining our central mission to prevent heart disease, stroke, cancer and dementia.Aside from being a dedicated physician, Dr Husain is also an accomplished painter and mixed martial artist. He believes that a balanced life, complete with a diverse set of interests, is the healthiest way to navigate an increasingly stressful and toxic world.


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