113. Renee Easterling The Perfect Gentleman Dating Coach


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Renee Easterling, is Dating & Relationship Empowerment Coach, Author, Speaker, and Social Media Personality.

She is also the current Chief Executive Officer of The Perfect Gentlemen's Club est 2020 and On the Couch Talk with Renee podcast (soon to be released 2022).

In 2021, Renee's book, The Rules of Dating Guidebook was released empowering singles in all lifestyle and identity categories to have enjoyable dating lives, relationships, and partnerships through personal development and boundary-setting techniques.

Renee's mission is to help singles and newly divorcees conquer their fears of dating and build healthy relationships. She has been coaching for 5 years.

Renee helps people break their fear of being single and love the life they have. She coaches individuals to reframe how they see themselves and give them tools for success in dating by understanding what will make them happy before someone else does.

She empowers you with knowledge on how your thoughts affect not only yourself but those around you!

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