77. HACKS for Working Out When You Are OLDER


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Nate Wilkins spent 27 years as park and recreation administrator and decided to manage fitness programs at hotels and spas. He reinvented himself and devoted his career to making health, wellness and healing to be something that is achievable for everyone. In fact, he views that these are a person’s birthright. He leads by example and inspires and motivates others to improve their wellbeing and quality of life through living a healthy lifestyle.

Corrective Exercise Specialist, IDEA

Active Isolation Stretching

Certified, M3, No Pain, All Gain Stretching

Certified, Stretch Zone Method

Mad Dogg Certified Master Spinning Instructor

Schwinn Cycling, Certified

AFAA, Group Fitness Instructor TRX Certified

IYCA, Youth Conditioning Specialist Certified Personal Trainer

Red Cross/ CPR, Certified

Life Change Coach through Weight Loss

Vibration Training, Certified




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