83. US Marine Guards and Wynn Properties


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After retiring from the FBI, he served for 12 years as the Senior Vice President, and later Executive Vice President, for all security and investigative matters for Wynn Resorts Limited. Mr. Stern held this position from June 2007 to April 2019. In this role, Mr. Stern was responsible for worldwide security operations for Wynn Resorts. This included assisting on Regulatory Compliance matters and managing all hotel security operations to include tactical Special Operations Officers, General Security Officers, K-9 Security Officers, Surveillance Security Officers, Corporate Investigations, Cyber Investigators, and all Employment and Misconduct investigations.

Mr. Stern was also a member of the Compliance Committee for Wynn Resorts and was responsible for overseeing the due diligence of Gaming Promoters at the Macau properties. Mr. Stern founded the Wynn Nightclub Task Force that was initiated in December 2009, which oversaw the operation of the company nightclubs to ensure proper physical security and regulatory compliance as dictated by the Nevada Gaming.

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