91. Meditation Not Medicine, Adam Weber


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Adam Weber is the “NO BS, common sense” speaker, author, product creation specialist and owner of the highly successful companies, “Weber Real Estate Advisors” and “Weber Advisory Group.

He is a New York native, now living north of Manhattan. Adam and with his wife Haley and his two sons, Andrew and Daniel. When not in his home office, you can find him with his Golden Retriever-English Setter mix Churchill.

Adam is a former corporate warrior with a progressive form of multiple sclerosis. He helps others learn to deal with their stress through his proprietary form of meditation called Easy to Meditate in person and online.


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Questions Asked:

What is meditation?

Why meditate.

How did you get intimate meditation?

Why is Point Of View important?

Do you need to be on a cushion?

Tell me more about different types of meditation out there?

How do you know you were meditating?

How can someone get started in meditation?

Are all meditations equal?

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