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After over a decade of being behind the scenes of several billion-dollar companies Chris was in the Top 1% of the Sales Industry internationally, then made that challenging transition to serial entrepreneurship

Chris is a TV & Radio Personality, hosts several top-rated shows, The Jesslee Roadshow & The Win-Win Effect Show, and Winject Studios. He is also an Entrepreneur and Investor and has been an Official Forbes Member since 2020. Now he is building a Broadcasting and Media Network Corporation to focus on community, collaboration and to make a collective impact. Winject Studios has begun adding other shows to the network to help grow their listenership and monetize with an educational, systematic, strategic approach to change lives.

Questions Asked:

What was the most important thing you did today?

Why should you get better every day by 1%?

Do you have a morning ritual?

“ One heartbeat

One mission

One outcome What does that mean

You were in the military. How did that shape you?

What is your biggest accomplishment?

What is your biggest setback/regret?

Do you recommend it to others?

How do you choose who you hang with? When do you choose to cut people out of your life?

What is your process for strategic and tactical thinking?


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