Political Sociology (VOTER TURNOUT & SUPPRESSION) with Mindy Romero


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If you need fuel to get excited about voting: here it is. How low is U.S. voter turnout? And why? Are mail-in ballots safe? Should you vote early? How has voter suppression worked in the past -- and the present -- to skew elections? Oooh, buckle up as the wonderful Dr. Mindy Romero, a Political Sociologist and founding director of USC’s Center for Inclusive Democracy, chats about what drives us to the polls, what keeps us away, how to celebrate election day, and why every single vote actually does matter. By the end, you’ll have a voting plan for the November 3rd presidential election, and maybe a shopping list that includes postage stamps and apple cider. Maybe some Fireball. Ps: VOTE. You deserve it.

Learn more about Dr. Romero’s Center for Inclusive Democracy at cid.usc.edu, and follow them at https://twitter.com/CID_USC

Dr. Romero tweets at https://twitter.com/mindysromero

Resources for voting: Vote.org

New York Times state-by-state info on voting

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