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Tell me, what's your worst nightmare? It's different for everybody, sure. But there are the common ones. Ya know, like sharks, clowns, demons, the list goes on and on. For some, maybe even a lot of people, that nightmare involves dolls, more specifically haunted or possessed dolls. Yup. Now, for those people this episode is going to suck hard. But for the rest, it could be fun an interesting.

In this first episode back in the new year I look at two instances of, well, creepy ass dolls. The first takes place in Mexico on an island close to the main metropolis of Mexico City, and it's aptly named the island of dolls. You guessed it, it's an entire island with nothing but dolls on it. No people, just dolls the previous owner, Don Julian, nailed, tied, and hung from nearly every possible spot on the island. The only other thing that's more plentiful than these dolls are the bloody spiders. Big nasty scary looking spiders. The tale about the dolls is as mysterious as it is potentially tragic, and it involves the drowning of a young girl.

In our second story, yes a second, we have the infamous Annabelle doll. Yup, that Annabelle, from the Conjuring universe of films. I think most people knew it was real, but it's story is both wild and fascinating, as well dates back the 1970's when a college age girl was gifted it by her mom (I personally think that's the weirdest part of the whole story, but maybe she collected second-hand Raggedy Ann dolls. Nevertheless, shortly after the girl got the doll, her and her roommate began experiencing some weird things with it. Originally, a medium said it was inhabited by a girl who lived on the land. Later the infamous Warren's got involved and declared it to be a vessel of sorts for a demon.

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