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This is an episode I've been toying with for quite some time. I first learned of Albert Fish when I was graduating highschool, when I was in a super edgy serial killer phase. He was a fascinating subject from just a human perspective, and he is the epitome of the nature versus nurture debate. Was he born evil, or was he victim of circumstance? Actually, I'm getting ahead of myself here. I do that quite a lot. Albert Fish was known by many different monikers, such as the boogeyman, The Grey Man, and the Werewolf of Wysteria, but ultimately he was a monster, and perhaps the most notorious child killer and molester in the history of the world. It wouldn't surprise me if Freddy Krueger was based off him, at least in a small way.

Fish was first convicted of murdering a young girl by the name of Grace Budd. He lured her away from her family, in plain sight, from their home, took her to an abandoned house, strangled her, and reportedly ate her. Albert Fish was a cannibal. He enjoyed the flesh of children most. He was, as aforementioned, a monster. His claims of murder and molestation reach absurd numbers ranging from 9-100.

He came from a family filled with mental illness, and he was also abused as a child at an orphanage, many of the punishments he carried over, using them as an adult on both himself and his victims. Strangely, out of all this, he was married at one point, and even had six kids, none of whom he ever abused. At his trial, he obviously claimed insanity, and while some jurors admitted after the fact that they believed him to be insane, they still thought that he needed to be put to death. And so they did.

For more information, you will just have to listen to the full episode.

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