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We all know the stories. We all know the tales - the boogeyman, the hook handed escaped convict, the monster in the woods - well what if I told you that maybe, just maybe, they were all real? Okay, well, not real, but real enough to be attributed to one single person. It all started with an urban legend by the name of Cropsey. It's a silly, yet unsettling name that people threw around on Staten Island, but nobody really gave much thought to its origin, other than there was a creepy old TB ward nestled in a local wooded area. That was until the early 1970's when people started going missing. Children, to be specific.

Cropsey, for the first time, felt very real. Almost too real. First a young girl, then a you adult man, and then a disabled girl. They all seemingly vanished in plain sight, with only one suspect. Years prior, a custodian at a local school for disabled kids took 11 children for a ride in his van. He bought them lunch, and then took them across state lines to the Newark airport. While he never hurt the kids, he did spend time in prison for, well, imprisoning people. That man was named Andre Rand.

The police never needed to look further than Rand for the crimes, and he was soon arrested. But what happened to the victims? Were they ever found? Was he ultimately sentenced after his arrest and trial? Well, to get the full story, you'll just have to give the episode a listen. The story of Cropsey is one that's caught my attention in the past, thanks to wonderfully made documentary by the same name. I highly suggest checking that out if you want an in depth look into this case.

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