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Back in 2014 the idea was had to celebrate something that is incredibly close to me, and thousands, if not millions of others around the world. That idea was to celebrate podcasts, podcasters, and podcast listeners with International Podcast day. As somebody who dedicated more than a decade to broadcasting, and indeed podcasting, it is quite special that it is being celebrated in this way. Podcasts have the ability to inform, entertain, and be a voice for somebody who might not have one otherwise, and that is something quite special.

As I mentioned, I started podcasting back in 2009 with two other friends of mine. We talked about video games, and it holds some of my fondest memories. We had a blast, however like most good things, it didn’t last. But it did spark my love for the platform, especially after falling out of radio after a year or so in the industry. From there I went on to start the Severed Scissors podcast, which was more or less just a stream of consciousness. That evolved into the Horror Shots podcast, which now lives on as this cast, the Ominous Origins podcast.

But enough about me. This day isn’t about me, it’s about all the wonderful podcasts out there, and I was in a very unique position to talk to many other podcasters about their projects and experiences. The Morbidly Beautiful website was gracious enough to have me on their network over a year ago, maybe close to two now, and since then the group has grown a ton bringing on many excellent podcasts, each with their own individual styles and tastes.

We have six different casts on the network, including mine - as well as two audio drama style shows as well. I was lucky enough to sit down with members of each of the Morbidly Beautiful podcasts in one massive group interview that went off, surprisingly without a hitch. From some of our newest ones in Not Your Final Girl, and The Best Little Horror House in Philly, to a couple of long time staples in I Spit on your Podcast and They Mostly Podcast at Night; and of course a brand new one not even yet announced in Bloodhound Pix. Each of them have their own stories and voices; challenges and accomplishments, and getting to have them all share their insights was an incredible adventure.

Each one of these shows can be found on the Morbidly Beautiful Network and supporting them all by listening, subscribing, and leaving reviews is beyond appreciated. There’s never a dull moment, never a lonely second when you have access to a podcast, so if you haven’t heard one or any of these shows yet, do yourself a favour and get on that!

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