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In our lead up to International Podcast Day, I was lucky enough to sit down with an accomplished, actor, writer, director, and most recently, podcaster in Matthew Currie Holmes. MCH, as he's known, started the Couch Trip Cinema podcast so he could share his experiences in film, along with his guests perspectives regarding their time and work in the film industry. Such esteemed guests of his have included Brea Grant, Gavin Michael Booth, and Chelsea Stardust, and he assures me that there are some very exciting guests in the future as well.

But what about MCH himself? Well, his resume reads like a best of list; he started out in Canada as a PA working on films like Shanghai Noon, and from there things really blossomed for Holmes. He went on to land roles in films like Wrong Turn 2 and The Fog before he really found his passion in screenwriting and directing. His debut feature film, The Curse of Buckout Road was released in late 2019, and has been the recipient of numerous awards.

So today the tables have been turned on the incredible MCH, and he gets to share his insights and stories about the film industry, and what it's like to have a podcast of his own. Despite his thinking I was going to edit this interview down, I just couldn't. Everything he has to say is interesting and full of passion, but you'll just have to listen for yourself. It's a good'n.

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