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Earlier this year, as if things couldn't get any crazier, an app was released. The app in question, which hit mobile stores in January was called Randonautica. Now, what makes this app so interesting is the fact that it claims to read your mind, kinda, not really. But rather your thoughts and intensions help determine what happens. The story goes that if you think of something while activating the app, it will give you coordinates to a location nearby where you find the thing you're thinking of. In other words, if you think of death, it will lead you to just that. And that's exactly what happened when some young adults from Seattle decided to try it out and document their adventure on Tik Toc. They followed the coordinates and came across a suitcase washed up on shore, and upon further investigation, they discovered the suitcase contained not just one, but two dead bodies.

That alone is pretty definitive proof that this app works, right? Well, maybe not. It's possible that that it was pure coincidence, in fact that was most likely. There is no legit science behind what's going one, and perhaps it's nothing more than confirmation bias. Had that group thought of money, or happiness, would it have still sent them to that location? Most probably. Nevertheless, it seems that for every "confirmed" success, there are dozens of failures.

Is the app legit? Well, you can try to figure that out for yourself.

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