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Who doesn't love a little true crime now and again? I know I sure do, which is why every so often I like to toss on into the circuit of episodes, and this one will be a two parter, so that's even better, right? Today we look at in incident that took place in the 1960's in Australia, and it focuses on a pair of teenage girls who would often frequent a beach known as Wanda beach. It was a bit of a trek from their home, a couple of train rides away, so whenever they went, they were sure to make a day of it. One fateful day in January of 1965 Marianne Schmidt and her four younger siblings, accompanied by Marianne's friend, Christine Sharrock left for Wanda beach. When they arrived around 11am, the weather was so bad that the beach was closed to the public.

They weren't going to let the day go to waste however, and made their way to some rock bluffs to get the most out of their time. They swam and picnicked, and hiked to their hearts content. They then made their way to some sand hills before the younger children wanted to head home. Marianne and Christine left the kids there to go fetch their belongings at the rock bluff. That was the last time the girls were seen alive. The case is heart wrenching, as any case involving kids are, and it's only made more upsetting by the complete mystery shrouding the case. In this episode we look at the beginnings up to the investigation, which I'll save for you until next week. It one we may never get answers to... or will we? You'll just have to listen and see, and keep an eye out for next week's episode as well which will have the final outcome of the case.

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