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There are twists, there are turns, and there are still no answers when it comes to the slayings of Marianne Schmidt and Christine Sharrock, also known as the Wanda Beach Murders. Granted, it would be unlikely to have any answers as the terrible event took place in 1965. However, as we'll discover, there were leads being looked at well into the mid and 2010's. The case shocked the community, and the fact that it was never solved was more or less the first in a string of unsolved crimes, mostly murders, around that time. Some believed that they were connected, some thought some were connected, and others really didn't know either way.

This episode looks at the similarities between some of these unsolved crimes, the suspects involved, and some wonderfully botched police work that includes losing more or less the only DNA evidence they recovered and kept. Yay police! I go on a bit of a rant in the episode about it, so I'll save you having to read it too. In the end, it's no real surprise that the case has gone unsolved. From the location, to the time, to the lack of eye-witnesses (though there is one that we'll talk about), it just seemed as though this case was destined to never be solved.

Although there were three main suspects in the case, none ever confessed, and two died before charges could ever be laid (granted one was in the 2000's). The police were banking on a confession for these murders, but sadly they never got them. Too often police theorize and stick to one version of whatever story they like as opposed to letting the evidence lead the way. I understand, when there isn't much evidence to go on, sometimes you have to pluck something out of mid-air and hope its right, because if it's wrong, well you've just landed an innocent person behind bars.

For all the details regarding this case, be sure to listen not only to this episode, but part one as well.

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