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We're back with some more werewolf stuff! I have an interesting real life case today, and a little tidbit about a potential werewolf skull. The skull in question was found in a box, wrapped in chains, in Macedonia, which apparently has a rich and very long history of werewolves in their culture. It was an interesting find, but certainly not the main topic of today's episode. The main event comes to us in the form of a German man by the name of Peter Strumpf, who in the 16th century, believed himself to be a werewolf of sorts causing him to go into homicidal rages.

Stumpf was a respected and known member of the community in Bedburg, Germany - not far from Cologne. He was fairly wealthy, and owned a farm where he lived with his kids - his wife had died sometime earlier. Of course, nobody is going to suspect him of the terrible crimes that were committed, in fact, nobody was. It was believed everything that happened was caused by wolves - ironic. But what were the crimes? They ranged from cattle mutilations to human mutilations, and everything in between. Now, why did people think this was the doings of a wolf, or wolves? Well, locals would find bits of bodies: legs, arms, organs, in the countryside. Never did they think it was a human's doing.

It wasn't until a hunting party got fed up with the wolves ravaging their livestock that they went in search of said wolves. It wasn't long until they thought they had their culprit, but when their dogs cornered something, that something turned out to be Peter Strumpf. His story was incredible and near unbelievable, and his trial, and ultimate execution were the things of nightmares. For all the details you'll have to listen to the episode!

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