Let's Talk Travel: August 27, 2021 - Venice's Love/Hate Relationship with Tourists and Marriott's Shocking Vacation Deal


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Today on On Arrival:

  • Traveler question: How do I prioritize my travel bucket list?
  • Pfizer vaccine the first to get FDA approval
  • Venice battling overtourism with turnstiles, entry fees, & even armed guards (We suggest going in the fall)
  • Delta Airlines test technology to allow proof of vaccination digitally
  • OpenTable partners with Clear to prove vaccination status for indoor dining
  • CDC upgrades 6 countries to a Level 4 Travel Advisory due to COVID outbreaks
  • Vulnerable tourists advised by CDC to avoid cruises
  • Cruise ships move quickly to mandate vaccinations
  • Marriott's celebratory (and absurd) vacation package

Link: CDC adds 6 countries to list of Level 4 Advisory

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