Harlan Coben: The Value of Celebrating as a Team


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On this episode Donny sits with the #1 New York Times author of thirty one novels, creator and executive producer of several television dramas including “The Stranger,” “Safe,” and “The Five,” Harlan Coben. Harlan and Donny jump right into Harlan's fascinating creative process, how he's always writing stories in his mind- even when on 'vacation'- and how his collaborative spirit helps turn his page-turning novels into riveting tv shows. Harlan also talks about how specificity is key to universal appeal, and why he likes to write about ordinary people in extraordinary circumstances. Together they dive into his "slow move" up the ladder to his booming success and unique deal with Netflix. But first, Donny himself dives into this week's buzzing brands, naming Chris Christie, Howard Stern, Kamala Harris, Google, Britney Spears, and GE in this week's Brands of the Week.

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