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On the Cusp of Something Beautiful is a podcast dedicated towards building community and creating family around BIPOC creatives, aspiring creatives, and their allies, seeking to connect deeper with their artistic expression and authentic essence on a cosmic and spiritual level. Each week, Amickoleh Imani will be discussing a range of topics centered around art, creativity, mental health & wellness, and developing a deeper relationship with our intuitive gifts in order to live life with more balance, grace, and ease. If you're here, your higher self is acknowledging that your soul is ready to be freed from any self limiting beliefs that may be holding you back from truly expressing yourself at an authentic level. This podcast is simply a guide to help you find solace and liberation from within. To inspire you to be your own example and to give yourself permission to be your highest, most beautiful, and rarest self. Other topics we'll be exploring are past lives, spirit guides, ancestral healing, multidimensionality, energy alchemy, self healing, inner child work/shadow work, radical self-love, self-compassion, meditation, and using our intuitive guidance to bridge the gap between our creative work and personal development. We welcome you home. Back to your authentic self.

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