#012 Dave Snowden - Complexity, Crises and Change


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In this episode we are delighted to speak with Dave Snowdon, who is founder and chief scientific officer of Cognitive Edge, and also creator of the Cynefin decision making framework, which he created when he worked for IBM. Cynefin is a Welsh word for habitat. If you are not familiar with the framework yet I would encourage you to search for it online or take a look at some of the links below, before or after listening to this podcast. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cynefin_framework https://cognitive-edge.com/videos/cynefin-framework-introduction/ https://cognitive-edge.com/sensemaker/ https://cognitive-edge.com/blog/cynefin-st-davids-day-5-of-5/ It was a really fascinating conversation about how complexity relates to the current, former and future crises and how we can best navigate our way out of confusion using complexity science. This then led to a really interesting exploration about the need for innovation right now, to make the most of the opportunities that present themselves to redesign and reinvent our world for the better. Finally we talked about a range of methods and projects he’s currently doing including with the UN called Sense Maker, with an open invitation for anybody to get involved. This podcast was brought to you by Liminal - a collective intelligence community to address complex and collaborative challenges of our connected world. You can find out more about us at weareliminal.co Thanks again for listening. Until next time, keep on connecting people and ideas - if you do you never know what might happen. Thank you and goodbye. #complexity #complicated #chaos #confused #cynefin #networks #systems #crisis #crises #change #innovation #transformation #change #coronavirus #covid2019 #weareliminal #ontheedge

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