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Today’s guest is an engineer by education and an entrepreneur by passion. She left corporate America to pursue her own business as a health coach, delivering the message of health through public speaking in various community centers and corporations. Her business took off after one of her books became an international Amazon bestseller in several categories. With a small email list and a very limited marketing budget, she was featured in major publications like the Huffington Post, Thrive Global, Forbes, and was invited to be a guest on ABC Arizona. Since then her career took a detour as a publisher and publicist and so far she has helped over 200 thought leaders, entrepreneurs, CEOs to write their books, achieve bestseller status, and land in mainstream media. She has written and contributed to more than six books herself, is a TEDx speaker, and is the founder of a cutting-edge business consulting platform, serving professionals who seek to reinvent themselves and leave a legacy. Please join me in welcoming Parul Agrawal. Would you leave an honest rating and review on Apple Podcast? Or Stitcher? They are extremely helpful and I read each and every one of them. Thanks for the inspiration! In this episode we discuss: her thoughts on leadership: “Leadership is all about bringing like-minded people together and working on a common mission.” her self-awareness at a young age knowing she had the skills to lead. her strategy of knowing the people she was leading and how that helped her lead her peers in high school. how she failed her first year of engineering in college mostly due to the culture shock after graduating high school in a small town to attend college in one of India’s biggest cities. her transition into health coaching after her father’s major heart attack and her own weight struggles. having to deal with the mixed messages of “be an engineer” and “be an entrepreneur”. how she learned to self-publish her book with incredible success and the effort she recommends all authors make when launching a book. her high-touch way of staying in touch with her network. Links Parul Agrawal on LinkedIn and Twitter. www.parulagrawal.com Parul’s TEDx Engineer Your Way to Just about Anything, Including Your Passion Books mentioned in this episode: “The Growth Hacking Book 2 : 100 Proven Hacks for Business and Startup Success in the New Decade” by Parul Agrawal, Rohan Chaubey, Sourabh Goyal, Pia Singh, et. al “The Growth Hacking Book: Most Guarded Growth Marketing Secrets The Silicon Valley Giants Don't Want You To Know” by Parul Agrawal & Rohan Chaubey “Dadiji: A Short Story About Growing up in India” by Parul Agrawal “The Better Business Book: 100 People, 100 Stories, 100 Business Lessons To Live By (The 100 Person Book Series 1)” by Authors Unit, including Parul Agrawal “Juicing For Healthier Families: Simple everyday recipes you'll love- for greater energy, vitality and a longer life.” by Parul Agrawal “When You're DONE Expecting: A Heartfelt Collection of Inspirational Stories and Advice on Motherhood” by Parul Agrawal About Robbie: Robbie Samuels is a keynote speaker, TEDx speaker, and relationship-based business strategy coach who has been recognized as a “networking expert” by Harvard Business Review Ascend, Forbes, Lifehacker, and Inc and as an "industry expert in the field of digital event design" by JDC Events. He created The 5% Advantage Program, a four-week experiential program that helps presenters grow in their confidence with Zoom, online facilitation, and virtual event design so they can reduce their tech angst and host more engaging online experiences that meet the purpose of the convening and participants' need for content and connection. He is the host of #NoMoreBadZoom Virtual Happy Hour, a popular weekly virtual event that explores new ways to design engaging virtual experiences.

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