Dodd Stocker-Edwards - Selling Apparel Through His Funnel


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For over 20 years, Dodd was working in the fitness industry to some capacity. He was able to get his brand in front of a LOT of eyes, making deals with many different people in many different industries! This was all prior to the internet being “the internet” though.

Now, he was bringing back his brand “Pump Dog” and wanted to find the best way to sell the product online. Which was when ClickFunnels and the One Funnel Away Challenge came into play!

Dodd came through the One Funnel Away Challenge new to the online space, but did all he could to make sure he got his funnel up and running. Today we’ll hear about the questions he asked throughout the funnel, and how he structured his funnel for an eCommerce type of funnel.

Listen in and find out why Dodd says this OFA Challenge is a “College Degree in 30 Days”

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