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Who would have thought you could build a funnel for Dungeons and Dragons?!! Guess what? Edgar Mendez figured it out! He had a very specific niche of people he wanted to serve, and a passion behind what he was doing, and he made a fantastic funnel to serve his people!

Find out today how he was able to build a funnel, and find out what types of offers he created to go along with it all. Find out some of the insights on what he learned throughout the OFA Challenge and how he was able to do to get through some of the roadblocks that he encountered.

Listen in and find out about the importance of surrounding yourself with positive people who are ‘like-minded’ individuals. You’ll find out more about his funnel at: https://dicedruid.com/

Also follow him on Facebook: TheDiceDruid and then on Instagram: Dice_Druid

This is an incredible interview you do NOT want to miss!! Check it out and make sure to sign up for the One Funnel Away Challenge, just come to OneFunnelAway.com and check it out!

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