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All he wanted to do was get a course created and launched. He’d spent money on other courses to try and teach him the ways to do it, but for some reason, in over 12 months of going through the steps, he hadn’t been able to get what he needed.

Enter, the One Funnel Away Challenge. After being “Funneled” himself, through the expert secrets book funnel haha, he ended up in the OFA Challenge in November of 2019. With that, he hit the ground running and found the Challenge was perfectly designed for what he needed.

The OFA Challenge had the structure, and the accountability, and the urgency, that he needed in order to launch his course. He didn’t necessarily have the product, but as Enoch himself says, he had the DREAM when he started!

In 30 days, he was able to launch his funnel which ultimately ended up paying for his ClickFunnels subscription so he could keep his account up and running. He continues to build his business and add to his value ladder to this day so that he can continue to inspire others and serve more of his people!

Find out all about his journey today on the show! This is one you will want to take notes, because it’s just that good!

And make sure you are following Enoch on all of his platforms. Find him on social media by typing in The Army of Youth, and make sure to check out his funnel at:


If you are interested in taking the OFA Challenge, head to OneFunnelAway.com and start today. We’ll see you there!

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