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In his teens, he was homeless for a few years. He went through the typical peaks and valleys that you’ll experience in life. Highest of highs. Lowest of lows. But one thing Jason Juliano never did, was stop dreaming!

Jason was a dreamer from the get go. Knowing that he could accomplish truly anything so long as he continued to put in work! And that dreamer mentality is what kept him going and ultimately led him to the One Funnel Away Challenge.

In the middle of 2020, in the middle of a pandemic, and then having to go through a back surgery, Jason took on the OFA Challenge and had to truly push through the difficulties life threw at him. But he did it! And he implemented what he was taught and ultimately got himself to the next level!

Learn from him today from hearing how this business technology entrepreneur was able to implement the funnel building process into his business and help scale things! Hear about how the Value Ladder and other concepts have truly stuck with him in his business journey since the OFA Challenge ended!

This is one you don’t want to miss! https://go.aimalab.com/webinar-registration-techtalks

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