Ken Walls - Who Knew the Perfect Webinar Could Be So Impactful?


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The story of the first impression of Russell Brunson and Ken Walls is a funny one. It has to do with the 10X Event in Florida and it didn't exactly make Ken Walls a fan (listen to the interview and you’ll find out why this is so funny).

Flash forward a few years, after having done an event on stage and struggling to close sales on the stage itself, Ken spoke to a fellow speaker, Robbie Summers. After finding out the "secret" behind Robbie's presentation, Ken decided he wanted to implement what Robbie had done. Hint: It was called "The Perfect Webinar" from Russell Brunson.

Today you'll hear how the Perfect Webinar has impacted Ken’s business and how everyone should have it and utilize it for theirs. You’ll also learn about the power of relationships. Ken will teach us about how impactful different relationships can be and how you can provide tons of value to others.

Don’t miss this amazing ClickFunnels success story with Ken Walls. And make sure to follow him at: GrowLive.Academy.

It’s a story you can’t miss! You’ll be glad you listened in and hey, you may just be able to utilize his services as well!

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