Khari Harper - "People Over Profit"


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Much like many entrepreneurs, Khari Harper had dabbled into the ClickFunnels space, but hadn’t truly utilized what he had. He was down to his final $500 when he decided it was time to take the One Funnel Away Challenge.

His goal was to generate leads and help scale his business. To say he accomplished his goal would be an understatement. Through the One Funnel Away Challenge, Khari truly implemented everything and was able to dial down who his perfect customer avatar was, and he was able to better serve them!

You’ll find out quickly why he believes so strongly in “People Over Profit” in this business and how that’s helped him along the way! You’ll also see some of his amazing ah-ha moments he had and how the One Funnel Away Challenge just made sense to him!

You’ll soon understand why this OFA Challenge is for EVERYONE, in ANY industry!

Make sure to come take the Challenge today by heading to Put the $100 in and see how it changes your life!

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