Mak McKeehan - Wedding Books, Art, and Courses: How OFA Shifted Everything


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He and his wife had been in business for quite some time. But in his own words, Mak hadn't "updated his information" (business knowledge) since 2012. So when he and his wife encountered some changes in their business, he knew it was time to find a solution. That’s when he came across the One Funnel Away Challenge back in April of 2022 and decided to take the leap!

Epiphanies throughout the Challenge became such a regular thing for him that he even purchased his own notebook to write down all of his thoughts throughout each day and night during the course.

Today you’ll find out how this long-time entrepreneur, was able to utilize funnels and the OFA Challenge to help catapult them into a different world with endless possibilities. Make sure to pay attention and see how they were able to earn their 1-Comma Club Award ($1,000 in sales) with their physical Wedding Guest Books they sell and what they intend on doing moving forward.

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