Mark Felstead - We Love Our Heart - Follow-Up Interview


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Mark Felstead, from We Love Our Heart, joined us back on the show a few months back to share his story. Click HERE for that original interview. Today, we speak with Mark in a follow-up interview about his wonderful journey as he continues to build out his value ladder and earn the respect of those around him as he works to provide value to his clients.

The best part of the interview is hearing how Mark continues to “do the work.” Learn how he continues to implement new strategies and continues to publish, and get his words out there for more people to hear. Learn how he continues to break through barriers as certain obstacles that once seemed unbreakable, are now being broken as he moves forward through his entrepreneurial journey.

Mark is a true expert in his field and as he continues finding his voice, he continues to realize the power and influence he and his colleagues truly have!

Make sure to check out his website to find out more on how he helps others around him avoid the nasty reality of heart attacks and heart disease:

And once again, if you haven’t done so already, make sure to head to and join the Challenge as we continue to move forward helping serve the entrepreneurs of the world! We’ll see you in there!

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