Natasha Langthorne - Hair Expert Twins, Free-Up Their Business with Sales Funnels


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Natasha and her twin sister had dreams of running a salon and being hair experts, which they accomplished. The main problem however, was they had developed a service/business that only functioned IF THEY WERE THERE!

How many entrepreneurs are the same way? They have a business, that’s successful, but it only really is functional if they are there working. They are in a sense, “trapped” but don’t know how to free themselves up!

Today you’ll hear how Natasha and her sister were able to utilize funnels after going through One Funnel Away and were able to FREE themselves up through the automations that are created through online businesses!

Listen today and find out how they have utilized their knowledge they had acquired over the years of their Hair Salon experience, to then put it into their funnels as a digital product, and upped their offer!

Learn about how they were able to earn their 1-Comma Club Award and how they plan to continue moving forward with their Funnel Building journey. Some might say they got that “Funnel Vision”

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