Naty Howard - Inner Healing Expert


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Imagine you’re in a lockdown, due to the pandemic, and then you have three kids who are at home who need your attention… Then add onto that, you have the One Funnel Away Challenge beginning for your business. Could you do it?

Naty Howard was able to navigate through the everyday stresses of life, giving herself the “10% of grace” rule along the way, to get through the Challenge and change her business for the better!

If she can do it, you can do it! Listen in today and hear from Naty, just how amazing her story has been. Learn how the One Funnel Away Challenge has been able to help her update her “operating system” within, so she can take her business to the next level!

It’s an amazing interview that you do NOT want to miss! And while you’re at it, go check her out at: or you can go to and find out more as well!

And if you want to be the next success story, well, first you need to take the challenge! So just head on over to, and sign up today! We’ll be there and we’ll see ya in there :)

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