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We’ve heard from various musicians on this podcast as they’ve utilized the One Funnel Away Challenge to help them scale their businesses. Now we are hearing from a man who has utilized sales funnels to help influence Musicians and help them get noticed! It’s all coming full circle here on the show!

Somesh De Swardt has been an entrepreneur for many years and is always looking for different ways to serve his clients. When he came through the One Funnel Away Challenge, he was able to learn the necessary skills that it would take to help musicians become noticed, through his own course that he created!

He created One Song Away for all musicians to go through and in this interview you’ll hear more details about this particular course and how Somesh was able to build an irresistible offer to help them all out.

He talks about how he wishes he would have joined the One Funnel Away Challenge earlier because he had paid for ClickFunnels for over a year without ever knowing how to utilize it to its full potential.

So make sure to tune in and hear about the story and how Somesh was able to leverage the “Ferrari” as he calls it (ClickFunnels) to help him scale out his business and help more people!

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